Biological Cleaners

Cleaners Powered by Good Bacteria for Industrial & Domestic Use With No Harmful Side Effects


(Grease Trap And Drain Line Treatment And Maintenance)

Treating Fat, Oil And Grease Waste And Maintaining Free Flow In Drain Lines And Grease Traps


(Sewage Treatment Plants and Septic Tank/Pit Maintenance)

Enhances The Working Of STPs
Provides Maintenance Of Septic Tanks/Pits


(Multi-application Hard Surface Cleaner)

Used For Multiple Applications On All Hard Surface For Deeper Cleaning And Odor Control

Freshen Sachets

Freshen Sachets
(Air Freshener Sachets)

For Odor Control In Areas Such As Garbage Bins, Sanitary Bins, Smoking Rooms, Cupboards, Shoe Racks, Washrooms


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Our History

On a mission to make our surroundings cleaner

Founded over a decade ago, Biosol® intends to become a reputed and reliable Biological Cleaning product brand. We formulate natural & environment-friendly cleaners for industrial & domestic use. Our products are designed to clean our surroundings the way it is intended to be cleaned i.e., by leveraging the power of Good Bacteria. We are present all over India.


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Distributors and Service Providers


Hotels, Malls and Restaurants


Resorts and Clubs


Offices, Establishments, and Apartments


Corporations, Railways, and Airports


Educational Institutions


Tech Parks, Temples



Frequently Asked Questions

Biological Cleaners are cleaning products that are powered by Good Bacteria which decompose all types of organic wastes, soils, and malodors. Biological Cleaners release special enzymes that degrade the molecules of organic debris which acts as food and a nutrient rich environment for the Good Bacteria. The Good Bacteria keep multiplying until all waste is thoroughly decomposed. They live as long as they find organic waste to decompose. The Good Bacteria themselves gradually die in the absence of food and nutrients or they are removed from the surfaces in the next cleaning cycle.
Actually, no. Biological Cleaners are more cost-effective in the long run. Conventional chemical-based cleaners end up costing you more as they corrode your surfaces and harm your surroundings. You end up spending more on fixing or replacing the damages caused.
Good question! It is important to use the products as per the instructions. That’s why everything you need to know is detailed down in our brochures, a copy of which can be downloaded from our website. Better yet, you can ask your supplier about the exact dosage that suits your requirement. Product storage, product handling, first aid measures and many more important details are included in the Material Safety Data Sheet which will also be provided to you by your supplier.
Yes! Our products are GreenPro certified. GreenPro is a Type – 1 Ecolabel which enables the end-users to choose sustainable products, thus reducing the environmental impact. Our cleaners are much kinder to mother nature since they are non-toxic, non-corrosive and they clean without damaging their surroundings.

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