Are Biological Cleaners safe? How are they good for the environment?

Bio Enzymatic Cleaners are 100% safe to use for the environment – Here’s why

The job of cleaning products is to clean. However, if you choose the wrong products, you put the lives of your family in danger. 

That’s right. Chemical cleaners have ingredients that can harm you, your pets, and your kids in different ways. 

If you notice any breathing problems in your pets, it might be because of ingestion of any of the cleaning products that you use at home. Apart from breathing problems, your pets may also show problems such as hyperthyroidism. You may also notice some discharge from their eyes and nose and instances of diarrhea in your pets. Restless itching is another problem that does not seem to go away. 

Similar problems also occur in kids. 

The thing with cleaning products is that they seem harmless because you can’t actually see the ingredients present in them. This is why when you think of babyproofing the house, you take care of all the locks, sharp edges, and electric sockets because these things can be seen as potentially harmful to children at home. 

But chemicals may not immediately strike you as dangerous. 

That’s why you must switch to Green Cleaners. Because you don’t want to take any chances that your kids and pets may lick, touch, or inhale the harmful ingredients. 

Including Green Cleaners in your regular cleaning routine is like completely pet and kid proofing your home!

Here’s why Green Cleaners are 100% safe:

Protection for you from common illnesses:

Because Green Cleaners do not contain any toxic materials in them, you remain safe from common illnesses that may actually turn chronic in the long run. 

  • Irritation in the eyes and throat
  • Headaches
  • Cancer

Chemical cleaners contain toxins that can be inhaled, touched, or licked by your pets and kids. Examples of ingredients present in chemical cleaners include ammonia. 

These chemicals leave a residue behind which can be as toxic as the actual concentrated solutions when pets and kids are exposed to them on a regular basis. 

Bio Enzymatic Cleaners are 100% safe for you and your loved ones. Because they include Good Bacteria and the enzymes released by them, you get clean surroundings minus the problem of toxicity.

You can trust Biosol® products to make your home safe and healthy. Our Bio Enzymatic Cleaners are safe for you, your family, and the environment, too. 

Check out our range of Bio Cleaners to save yourself a lot of time, money, and energy:

Septikleen®: For Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), Septic Tank

and Sewage Pit Maintenance

Greezgard®: For Grease Trap and Drain Line Treatment

Portakleen®: For Organic Waste Degradation

Freshin™ and Freshen Sachets: For Natural Odor Control

Multikleen: For Multi-application Hard Surface Cleaning

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