How are Bio Enzymatic Cleaners effective? How are they better than Chemical Cleaners?

The concept of Bio Enzymatic Cleaners is gaining popularity in recent times among homemakers as well as business leaders. In our demonstrations and interactions with them, we see them asking a lot of questions about how this new category of cleaners works. In this blog, we share the responses we give them while addressing their queries. So, when you switch to  Bio Enzymatic Cleaners, you will know that you’re making a healthier choice.

First of all, what are Bio Enzymatic Cleaners?

These are cleaning products containing Good (i.e., non-pathogenic) Bacteria.

Instead of wiping waste off a surface, they degrade/decompose/digest the source of the debris.

The kinds of wastes they degrade are:

●  Soils

●  Stains

●  Bad odors

●  Dust

●  Organic debris

●  Food

●  Beverages

●  Night soil

Bio Enzymatic Cleaners are also known by other names:

●  Biological cleaners

●  Probiotic cleaners

●  Enzymatic cleaners

●  Bio cleaners

●  Environment-friendly cleaners

What are the defining ingredients in Bio Enzymatic Cleaners that make them so different from chemical cleaners?

Unlike chemical cleaners, Biological Cleaners come with Good Bacteria that release enzymes to break down even the most stubborn sources of waste:

Proteases: decompose food debris

Lipases: decompose oils and grease

Amylases: decompose starch and sugar

How effective are Bio Enzymatic Cleaners?

1. Environment-friendly

Chemicals tend to be poisonous. As, after the cleaning process, these harmful chemicals get released into the environment and pollute the land, water, and air.

Biological Cleaners do not add to the waste that they are supposed to clean! As, both the source of the debris and the Good Bacteria vanish in the process of cleaning. As a result, nothing gets released into the environment.

2. Thorough Cleaning

Good Bacteria and their enzymes can reach spaces that are very difficult to reach. There are corners or cracks that human hands and mops simply cannot clean.

Bio Enzymatic Cleaners can penetrate these areas too and eliminate waste hiding in these corners.

3. Long Lasting

Chemical cleaners offer a surface-level clean. As a result, they do nothing to remove the source of debris.

Bio Enzymatic Cleaners degrade the debris completely. Therefore, you get cleaner surroundings for up to 80 hours. That’s right, beacuse these cleaners provide deep cleaning in every application. Using Biological Cleaners saves you time, effort, and cost on labor too.

4. Safe for Humans and Animals

Chemical cleaners leave a residue of chemicals after them. They also leave the source of the debris pretty much intact in your surroundings. When these surfaces are accidentally licked by kids or pets, the chemicals enter their bodies and cause them harm. So, it might be a simple food poisoning that can lead to severe diseases thanks to long-term exposure.

Bio Enzymatic Cleaners don’t leave any residue behind. They make the organic things (enzymes) fight organic things (bad bacteria and organic stuff). Once the organic debris is completely decomposed, the Good Bacteria die on their own because of the lack of food (which they find in organic waste). As a result, there’s nothing left for kids or pets to consume.

5. Zero Side Effects

Chemical cleaners can corrode the surfaces you use them on because of the strong chemicals present in them. So, one brush of these harmful cleaners can leave a coat of chemicals on your furniture or floors. Over a period of time, it all begins to show in some form of damage or other.

Bio Enzymatic Cleaners don’t leave any residue behind them because the enzymes in them only target organic debris. So, no ingredient stays in your surroundings. No harm done.

The next time you need to buy cleaning products, you can safely go for Bio Enzymatic Cleaners.

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