What are Bio Enzymatic Cleaners? How do they work? Are they safe?

Bio Enzymatic Cleaners are also known as Biological Cleaners, Probiotic Cleaners, Enzymatic Cleaners, Bio Cleaners, and Environment-friendly Cleaners. These are cleaning products that contain Good Bacteria instead of chemicals so that you can deeply clean your surroundings without causing any harm to yourself or the environment.

In this blog, we share 5 things about how Bio Enzymatic Cleaners work so that you can continue to use them without a second thought!

1. Ingredients In Bio Enzymatic Cleaners

The Good Bacteria in Bio Cleaners release enzymes of proteins class such as:

  • Proteases
  • Amylases
  • Lipases

These bacteria produce enzymes that improve the microbiome, thus breaking down the organic waste, leaving the population of the bad bacteria to reduce.

Additionally, these enzymes fight bad bacteria while maintaining a neutral pH. Any other form of pH causes corrosion and damage thanks to heavy chemical reactions.

That’s how the effect of these good bacteria stays strong long after the cleaning procedure. 

2. Environment-friendliness of Bio Cleaners

Because Bio Cleaners do not contain harmful chemicals, you avoid the responsibility of releasing environment-threatening chemicals into drainage systems and ultimately into our common sources of water. 

For instance, when you mop the floors or clean the bathrooms, ultimately, the wastewater gets released into your drainage system which is then connected to a larger locality system, releasing poisonous chemicals into nature that can harm the human race in general apart from putting the lives of plants and animals around us in danger too.

Even if it gets released as solid waste into our dustbins, it adds to the piling of dangerous chemicals in the landfills of our world. 

With Bio Cleaners, you turn your waste footprint into zero. As you clean your surroundings, you contribute to a cleaner, greener environment as well.

3. Biological Cleaners (Saving You Energy and Money)

Whether you use a broom, a mop, or a pump, there are always places you cannot reach easily. For example:

  • spaces under furniture such as bed, tables, wardrobes
  • insides of drainpipes under your sink, washbasins, and bathroom drains

These are areas that cannot be easily reached by us.

These areas cannot be reached by any chemicals either because chemicals cannot go deeper than surface level. 

Bio Cleaners are different. They offer a deeper, longer-lasting clean, as beneficial bacteria can get into the tiny imperfections and pores. The Good Bacteria present in them can spread on their own to areas as far as they can find bad bacteria and organic waste to feed on. 

Thus, using Bio Cleaners gives you cleaner, healthier surroundings without having to make you sweat a lot. 

4. Probiotic Cleaners Working Well with Low Dosage (Saving You Money)

Probiotic cleaners work for a much longer duration as compared to chemical cleaners. It’s like having an employee who works during the day as well as the night. Hence, you save a lot of money when you use Probiotic cleaners.
Because you don’t have to keep repeating your cleaning procedures every now and then which you have to do if you’re using chemical cleaners.

Because it’s the live Good Bacteria doing the work, even a small dosage does the needful for you. A small dose, as prescribed on the label, is enough for you to take care of everything.

5. Bio Cleaners Eliminating The Source of Debris Rather Than Masking It

Chemical cleaners do surface cleaning and temporarily cover up the source of debris. Because they come with a heavy dosage of fragrance, they give the impression of freshness and cleanliness. In reality, they just mask the debris with good odors.

Bio Cleaners, on the other hand, fight the source of the debris by decomposing the bad bacteria that are at the source, additionally eliminating the malodor caused by the same.

Thus, they truly make your surroundings safer. 

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